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Megumi pays attention to each sushi roll, which becomes a refined delicatessen piece, as well as to high quality of the fish and Japanese products on offer. Sashimi, nigiri, maki, chirashi, and signature dishes are mixed with atypical and authentic creations resulting in a unique identity. Make your friends or clients travel for an evening, a reception, a wedding... Here is the best of the Japanese cuisine. “YOU WILL LOVE A TRIP TO THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN”
We offer the services of a Sushi Chef during your event. The Sushi Chef will prepare specialties on site in the true Japanese tradition. Sushi, makis, signature dishes, and other meals will be made right in front of your eyes to ensure a culinary spectacle and, most importantly, to entertain your guests.
SUSHI Evenement
Megumi offers catering solutions for your entire reception. Our experience allows us to fully customize your events. Special culinary wishes? Our Sushi Chefs will be delighted to show you their creativity!
Give your guests a moment of enjoyment and pleasure. Share unforgettable flavors with the selection of dishes developed by our Sushi Chefs.
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